Saturday, September 13, 2014

What I've been up to

I don't blog all that often, and I think I know why. Taking photos isn't really my thing! I tend to grab the DSLR and have no idea what I'm doing with it. So, instead of feeling embarrassed and avoiding being part of a wonderful quilty community, I'd rather just use my iPhone and have fun with sharing my sewing adventures, imperfectly.

There is another something, or someone, who is taking up extra time these days and also accounts for the lack of activity...

Our little guy arrived at the end of July! Being a parent second time around is such a different experience. I find myself saying "I remember this!" and "he's fine", which were definitely not in my vocabulary as a first time Mum. He is a placid little sweetie and fits into our family just perfectly.

For my own sanity with a toddler and a newborn, I have been crafting in small doses. A lot of it is WIP, but I'm trying to stay accountable and finish the projects. First up is a quilt for my husband. I've been quilting for 4 years and married for 5, but the poor guy hasn't had any quilts made for him yet! I figure with his 30th birthday coming up, it's a very good reason to make one.

Hubby's quilt will be made from his old shirts. At least I know he'll like the fabrics! I'm thinking of doing simple 6 inch squares with 4-patches thrown in. It has taken a long time to get to this point, turning clothes with seams and buttons into quilt blocks isn't easy. Hopefully I'll see progress more quickly from this point on.

I made this Grace Tunic using a Boo! Designs pattern and my most treasured Tilda fabric. My daughter flat out refused to wear it. Devastated!

One of my amazing sweet friends gave me a layer cake of Hello Petal for my last birthday and I've turned it into a pinwheel quilt top. Just waiting on a shipment of backing and binding so I can finish! "Shipment", it sounds so glamorous doesn't it? Much nicer than "the rusty old Australia Post courier's van with squeaky brakes".

Some other exciting news is that I've joined in with the Bonnie & Camille charm swap which is hosted by the lovely and talented Ms Midge. I can't wait to get my charms and start creating!

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