Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Uncluttering my head

I think I have overwhelmed myself with inspiration. Does that ever happen to you?

Every day, I read updates on my favourite blogs. That number has grown in recent times, and it is so lovely to see what different people are doing in their own unique style. Everyone seems to finish their projects so fast. It makes me want to have a go too.

I've got a lot on my mind that I'd like to achieve, and in an effort to empty my to-do list, I've just started making things. I've been rushing to fit all the sewing in teddy bear's nap times, and therefore botching things up. I'm really unhappy with the end results. Unhappy with colour choices, or techniques I've used. Also unhappy with how much time sewing has been stealing away from sitting and chatting with my husband, or at some times, my daughter. Insert a big sad face here!

Time for a reality check. Yes, it's ok for somebody else to make an amazing quilt. I don't need to make one as well, to make me happy. I don't need to fill up every spare second of my free time with 'doing'. I don't need to reinvent the wheel, or create a masterpiece in a day.

I'm not really sure what the exact point I'm trying to make is. I guess part of me needed to admit out loud that I need to slow down. When a passion becomes an obsession, step back and settle down. It's not worth burning out for something that is meant to be fun!

So in the spirit of simplicity, the last couple of things I've made were functional gifts. For my mother, I made a heat pack filled with linseed and rice for her sore back. For my mother in law, I made an oven mitt. Both projects were made from things I already owned - fabric from my stash, cotton batting (wadding) scraps that I sewed together to make wider pieces, even old tea towels that were sliced up. I can see why quilters get such satisfaction out of making scrap quilts, it feels great to be resourceful! Not that I had much choice, as at the moment our discretionary spending has been severely limited (ie. we're broke!!). I didn't get a picture of the oven mitt, but here is the heat pack.

I've tested the heat pack out and it took one and a half minutes in the microwave to get hot, and retained heat for about 45 minutes. There is approximately 600 grams of linseed & rice in there, for a rough guide.

On a much more cheerful note, I actually won a prize in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway! The lovely Gina who blogs at Party Of Eight: Our Story sent me an email to let me know that I'd won 3 fat quarters and a mini charm pack. I'm absolutely over the moon, I'd never won anything before! So a big, public thank you goes out to Gina! I'm grateful also to be able to ponder what I'll make with my prizes as I wait for its arrival from the States.


  1. That is such a pretty heat pack!! I need to make ones to put in the freezer to put on owies. I have not received your address to mail your package to you; can you send it to me? Thanks!!

  2. I can relate with you so much. I feel that inspiration overload a lot. Everything is so interesting and I just know that I can do it all! Super cute heat pack. I love that fabric a lot. And I never thought of adding linseed that is a great idea!