Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teddy Bear's Roses - A finished quilt

The quilt is done, and only four days too late.

I ended up straight-line quilting it. FMQ is something that I'm yearning to try, but given my trouble getting SL right, I may just need a bit more practice first! If you look really closely (or just enlarge this picture) you'll see the distortion where the top has been pulled by the process of quilting. It kind of looks like an optical illusion, which could be cool if it was the look I was going for. 

When you turn it over you can see that the quilting pattern is a quasi-Union Jack. That came about because I was getting discouraged with the long, straight lines pulling the fabric out of shape. So I switched it up, and I'm glad I did! 

The binding is my favourite part. I had trouble choosing what to use, as I wanted to use something existing from my stash. My stash isn't huge! But this raspberry red solid just made all the other colours pop, it framed the quilt like a picture. Best of all, it matches the front and the back. I used this tutorial by the amazingly talented Rita at Red Pepper Quilts, and it worked an absolute treat. I'm so grateful for her clear instructions, it made binding so enjoyable. It's the only part of my quilt process that went without a hitch!

I have a very long way to go with getting my quilts perfect. But that's ok. If you have any tips for me, please feel free to share them. Until then, I will keep practicing, sewing, making - sounds like a good excuse to have more fun!

Teddy Bear was sick this afternoon so we spent lots of time cuddled up here, cozy and warm. Doing nothing but peacefully watching Play School. Poor kiddo, but Mummy was happy to get some peaceful cuddles from her go-go baby!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Mel! Love your blog spot! I'll be following you! xx

  2. Hi Lovely!! I am so happy that you are my first follower :-)